The historical information belonging to Akyaka-Gökova is known from B.C. 2600.
Idyma had been founden as a Karic City and situated between Iskele - Kozlukuyu-Inisdibi. this can be seen from the foto below.

Our region between the years B.C. 484 and 405 had been ruled by Delos created with the help of Athens. B.C. 405 Delos was terminated by Dysandros  from Sparta and Cedrea was also demolished by him.

Today you can see the ruins from that time around Inisdibi and Kozlukuyu. The tombs from that time are just next to the street to Kozlukuyu from Akyaka. Around 300 m above these tombs, the ruins from the acropolis of that ancient city can be seen.

The neigbours of Idyma were like this: 

  • East - Callipolis (Kızılkaya)
  • West - Ceremos ( Gereme/Ören)
  • North - thera ( Yerkesik) and Mobolla ( Mugla)

Great Alexanders coming...

With the coming of Great Alexander , the Hellenistic Time started in Anatolia. B.C. 300 Idyma had the name Rhodeian which means "opposite of Rhodes" and B.C. 200 Idyma was  connected to Rhodos through Nicagoras from Rhodes.

These informations are coming from the writings found on the island Karpatos.
B.C. 48 J. Cesar travelled through this region towards the Island "Rhodes" and also B.C. 41 Cleopatra was passing along  the coast to Ephesus.

In 1922. during the archeological excavations, the mosaics belonging to the Roman Time were  discovered. Towards the middle of 3. Century, The weakness of The roman empire caused disorder and epidemi and earthquakes destroyed  Idyma.

 At the end of 13th Century this region is ruled by Osmanen and had the name Mentese. Islam and Turkish was taken over by the people . In the year 1420 this area became part of Osmanic Empire. Between the years 1522-1523 Solomon the Magnificent  passing through this area in order to invade Rhodos with his army.

Source: Akyaka Belediyesi Introduction Book  2000